Here are the 10 most important tips that should be remembered while packing your bags.


  • Monetary security: It is important to know the monetary stability of an individual before stepping into planning a trip. Travelling is cost effective. Although, all of us try to curb them down to the minimum possible ways. Make sure to go through the profiles of different travel agencies and their rates. Besides, a certain amount should be reserved for security.
  • Trip planning: We should have a theoretical idea of the place we are heading towards. Even before getting acquainted with any travel guide of the place, we should have a rough chart and maps ready to ensure a complete tour and of course a safe one. The climatic conditions and different occasions of the place should be noted; we need to pack our bags accordingly.
  • Place of stay: In a new place, we will find a lot of resorts to rest in. However, we need to abide by our budget and at the same time take care of our necessity, luxury and safety. The feedbacks from different travellers can help in getting the correct information about the places. So, please do not forget to check the reviews. It is always recommended to pre-plan the place of stay and have a good idea about its location in the new place.
  • Food to eat: Travel schedules are hectic and exciting all at the same time. Most of us are in a spree to trying the all new cuisines of various places. I personally find this interesting and extremely additive. However, being a food hunter amidst a tour can be risky for our little stomach. So, we should take care of the proportions of whatever kind of food we are consuming. Unhealthy food might be really dangerous in a trip.
  • Medicines and first aids: It is difficult to hunt for a medical aid in a new place. So, the primary first aids and a few necessary medicines should always be carried. They ensure safety of the traveller and his entire group.
  • Preparations for anything: We never know what storms in and when. Calamities of any flavour are unpredictable. We need to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for anything. The sense organs should be kept alert. At the end of the day, safety of everyone is what matters the most.
  • Track the investing: On zeal of buying new stuff and gifts for near ones, we should always keep an account of our budget and spend accordingly. The safety amount shouldn’t be bothered.
  • Packing light: A lighter luggage makes us more energetic. We can almost travel anywhere with our own bag of items. This keeps us ready for all situations.
  • Keeping an account of bearings: We should have a list of every item that our bag contains. This makes a better and systematic planning. It helps us remember if we have left out anything.
  • Lastly, relaxation: We need to relax thoroughly after an entire day of travelling just to make sure we have good amount of energy stored for the next day.



Reasons why you should visit Japan soon

Japan is one of the most beautiful countries. It is well decorated, safe and civilised. The food is absolutely amazing. Here are 10 reasons which can drive you crazy and you might get your tickets done soon.

  1. Architecture: Japan has an exquisite heritage of architecture. The beautiful ancient Buddhist temples have not only made a mark in the history of fantastic and eye-catching architecture, but they also radiate peace and harmony to the enormous amount of pilgrims visiting the place every day. Kyoto has preserved about 2000 or more number of Buddhist temples and shrines in its city. Nara holds 8 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in its land and some of the best constructions in the entire country.
  2. Tidy: A place so clean, like Japan, can be beyond imagination unless you have visited this place. The entire place resembles hard work and respect for every citizen and even tourists. The roads are spic and span. There isn’t any litter or discarded waste on the roads. Every individual takes care of this fact. This is a lesson worth learning.
  3. The beauty of nature: The natural landscapes of Japan are picturesque. Mount Fuji and the Arashiyama bamboo Forest are some ideal destinations for nature lovers. The magnificent mountains surrounded by vast stretches of greenery add to the beauty of this country. Despite this place being an earthquake prone area, something that could make anyone feel proud of Japan, is the enormous zeal of the people of this place. They are continuously taking care of their natural environment, besides getting technologically advanced in almost every possible field.
  4. Punctuality: The public transport of Japan is highly punctual. This is another example of how responsible man can be. The timings of trains, even the local trains are worth an applaud.
  5. Sakura Bloom: The spring time at Sakura Bloom in Japan, attracts millions of tourists, only because of its spectacular view. The snowy white trees blossom during this beautiful season. There is a popular category in Japan, known as the Hanami parties. They dine and rest among this beauty for a short period of a few weeks with their friends or family members. They enjoy this other side of the beautiful nature to the fullest.
  6. Food: Starting from noodles shop to three star restaurants to the flaunting five star luxury hotels. Just name it and Japan already has it. The Japanese cuisine however, bears its own serenity of taste. Their kind of divine arrangement is definitely unique. Some of sumptuous Japanese foods are Sushi ( even Shinchan loved eating this), Sashimi, Ramen, Udon, Kobe beef, soup, Donburi,etc.
  7. The people: First of all, I must say that the Japanese people are super cute. Besides, they are polite and humble, yet graceful. They have an ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at home while in a conversation with them.
  8. Safety: Global surveys have declared Japan to be the safest country in Asia. This itself explains why girls find it safe to have a walk outside at the middle of the night.


 What is England?

England is a beautiful country. The United Kingdom takes pride in owning this place.

Geographically, how do we locate England?

The United Kingdom or as popularly known as the Great Britain, is a sovereign country in the western part of Europe. By a sovereign state, we refer to a place which is entirely ruled by one government and that is centralised. It can be related to the King’s rule.

Which water bodies are lovingly embracing this place?

England is embraced by the Irish Sea towards its north-western side and the Celtic Sea graces the south-western part of this place.

Peeping into the history.

England witnessed the existence of modern human during the Upper Palaeolithic period. The Upper Palaeolithic period is the last sub-divisional period of the Old Stone Age. This period roughly states the appearance of behavioural modernity of human beings even before there had been the advent of agriculture.

Climatic conditions in England.

The inhabitants of England experience the temperate maritime type of climate.

Temperate maritime climate: The Koppen classification of the climatic types, explains this to be of the oceanic type. The regions dominated by this kind of climate usually have a moderately warm summer and their winters are cool.

Capital city:

London is the capital city of England.

Places to visit in England

Here is a list of all the places that can be visited on a trip to England. Check out the 49 reasons to visit England.

  1. Tower of London.
  2. Stonehedge.
  3. Windsor Castle.
  4. Roman Baths.
  5. Yorkshire Dales
  6. Warwick Castles
  7. Eden Project
  8. North York Moors
  9. Windermere
  10. Hyde Park
  11. York Minster
  12. Natural History Museum, London.
  13. Buckingham Palace
  14. Tate Modern, London
  15. Leeds Castle
  16. Palace of Westminster
  17. National Gallery, London.
  18. Alton Towers
  19. Big Ben
  20. Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
  21. Durdle Door
  22. Dover Castle
  23. Legoland Windsor Resort
  24. Thorpe Park
  25. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  26. Exmoor
  27. National Portrait gallery, London
  28. Blenheim Palace
  29. New Forest
  30. Westminster Abbey
  31. Peak District
  32. London Eye
  33. British Museum
  34. The Tower Bridge.
  35. Hampton Court Palace
  36. Trafalgar Square.
  37. Piccadily Circus
  38. Harrods
  39. Madame Tussauds, London
  40. London Zoo
  41. Victoria and Albert Museum
  42. Dartmoor
  43. London Dungeon
  44. Camden Town
  45. Regent’s Park
  46. Kensington Palace
  47. Sea life London
  48. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
  49. Chatsworth House

Seasons and choice of best month

The months of England are divided into four parts based on the seasons. The months from March to May experiences the spring season. The summer months are from the months of June and ends in August. The Months of September to November fall under the autumn season while the winter months are from December to February.

I personally love the spring time. So, my personal suggestion would be to plan a trip during the months of March, April and May. Although the summer and the autumn months wouldn’t be that bad.



Some of the  historical heritage of India that are enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites column are :

  1. Taj Mahal : This outstanding white marbled architecture stands on the southern bank of the Yamuna River in the Indian city of Agra.
  2. Khajuraho Group Of Monuments : This is a group of Hindu and Jain Temples altogether collapsed under the same name. These group of mountains are located in Madhya Pradesh, India.
  3. Ajanta Caves : The Ajanta Caves are rock cut Buddhist cave mountains located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra.
  4. Bhimbetka rock shelters: They represent the Paleothic architectural site located in Madhya Pradesh, India.
  5. Konarak Temple : This is the Konarak Sun Temple situated at Konarak in Orissa, India.
  6. Humayun’s Tomb : This is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor named Humayun in the Indian Capital city of Delhi.
  7. Ellora Caves : This is one of the largest rock cut monastery caves located in Maharashtra, India.
  8. Sanchi Stupa : This is a Buddhist complex located in Sanchi town of Madhya Pradesh , India.
  9. Mahabodhi Temple : This is a Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya located near Bihar, India.
  10. Pattadakal : This is a site possessing Hindu and Jain temples of the 7th and 8th This is a place in the Karnatak state of India.
  11. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station: This is a historic railway station in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  12. Sundarbans : This is a natural region in the southern extreme of the Indian State of West Bengal, India.
  13. Elephanta caves : This is located in Elephanta island in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  14. Great Living Chola Temples : These are three temples built during the period of rule of the Chola dynasty located in Darasuram.
  15. Manas National Park : This is a wildlife sanctuary located in the Himalayan foothills of Assam.
  16. Valley of flowers National Park : This is an Indian national park located in the West Himalayan region of the Utarakhand state of India.
  17. Keoladeo National park : This is a bird sanctuary located in Bharatpur , Rajasthan.
  18. Hill Forts of Rajasthan : This location in Northern India comprises of : Chitorgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranthambore Fort, Gagron Fort, Amer Fort and Jaisalmer Fort.
  19. Kaziranga National Park : This is a sanctuary in the Indian state of Assam.
  20. Darjeeling Himalayan railway : This is the “Toy Train” connecting New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal.
  21. Nanda Devi : This is the second highest mountain located in Uttarakhand , India.
  22. Agra Fort : This a historical fort located in Agra, Delhi, India.


A few more of the sites are :

  1. Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  2. Old Goa
  3. Qutb Complex
  4. Brihadeswar temple
  5. Nanda Devi National park
  6. Jantar Mantar, Jaipur
  7. Rock- cut architecture.
  8. Gangaikonda cholapuram
  9. Kailasa temple, Ellora

Khangchendzonga National park


From the verses of Shakespearean novels, Rome has become an immortal fascination, for not only the lovers of literature but also for the travellers. Although there has been a lot of change, since the time when the manuscript had been penned yet a Roman holiday will surely be thrilling and blissful experience.



Rome is the capital of Italy. This place is also named to be a joint capital to the Lazio Region. Rome is the third largest city of Italy.

Lazio Region : This is a region that comes under the 20 administrative regions of Italy. This region is located in the central peninsular section of the country. This place is home to the wider economy of this country. It is therefore trusted with the honour of being the second largest economy of the entire nation.

The Vatican City.

This independent country has its geographical location within the boundaries of this Italian capital city of Rome.  This is perhaps the only existing country defined within a city.

The global city

Rome has been honoured with the status of being a global city. A global city is usually known for its vast contribution in the global economic system.

Rome is one of the most popular tourists attractions, not only of Italy, but of the entire world. It has its popularity not only among the European countries, but also globally.


Rome has a historic centre enlisted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is home to headquarters of a number of international business companies and a number of international banks. It has a business district that holds a number of business platforms in itself. This city also takes pride in an important fashion portal. It has several international brand showrooms demonstrating their prize winning costumes as well.


The Roman people enjoy a Mediterranean climatic condition; which means that the summer in this city are warm and dry while the winters are cool and humid.


There are several ways of getting into Rome. There are the airways, the water ways and the land ways for transportation purposes. Rome is centrally located in Italy , hence it forms the centre of the radial network prevailing in the city.

Places to visit when in Rome..

Here’s a list of the places that are of tourist attraction and cannot be missed while on a trip to this beautiful place:

  1. Colosseum
  2. Pantheon
  3. Roman Forum
  4. Trevi Fountain
  5. Spanish Steps
  6. Peter’s Basilca
  7. Piazza Navona
  8. Vatican Museums
  9. Sistine Chapel
  10. Galleria Borghese
  11. Castel Sant’Angelo
  12. Palatine Hill
  13. Villa Borghese gardens
  14. Campo de’Fiori
  15. Capitoline Hill
  16. Basilica di santa Maria Maggiore
  17. Archbasilica of St. John Lateran
  18. Aventine Hill
  19. National Roman Museum
  20. Piazza Venezia
  21. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi
  22. Palazzo dei Conservatori
  23. Altare della Patria
  24. Santa Maria in Trastevere

and yet some more places are to be added to the wish list.

Travel Tips

Travelling tricks and tips are an integral part of enjoying a trip. After all, the most important aspect is to return healthy and happy to one’s own place.

  1. PROPER PLANNING: This is a vital part of a trip. There should a good knowledge of the geographical locations of the places of visit; a brief idea of the paths to travel from one location to the other. One can also consult a travelling agency or take help from a tour guide.
  2. LISTING: There should be a list made of the different architectural heritages of the respective place. A list of different religious places are an addition to the former. It is very important to make a list and keep ticking as the glance by so that a tourist does not miss out on a greater trip. I would once again prefer to have tour guides as they are the ones who keep the culture of a place alive. The historical stories they narrative are educative.
  3. FOOD: This is the other most important aspect while planning a trip. It is very important to stay healthy yet not miss out on the cultural food cuisines of the place. The taste buds are the energy accelerators. Good food are catalysts for worn out bodies. So whenever a tour is being planned it becomes a compulsion to take care of this part. Knowledge about different food cultures of a place are another subject of education while in a trip.
  4. PLACE OF REST: We must not forget to book hotel rooms. They are the places that give shelter after a day full of excitements and fun. A zealous mind needs a good amount of rest to gain an amazing start the next morning.
  5. SHOPPING: (Or at least window shopping if not affordable) This is another educative aspect of a trip. We can always be open learning a new type of dressing up; a new approach to life; the all new kind of costumes for different purposes. This can be all so exciting.
  6. CAMERA : Do not forget to pack the camera along with a few extra battery and chargers.


A few more of the travel tips are to know:

  1. The climatic conditions of the place that has been planned for a trip.
  2. A briefing about the culture of the place.


Ultimately ,there comes a preface to this fresh story of life. Guess what? The packing!

Until and unless one knows what to wear and what not to, how can a trip be planned?

A few things that should not be forgotten at any cost are:

  1. To carry first aid.
  2. To carry the necessary medicines for primary medical help.

Basically the medical and sanitary products should not be missed.


Finally a few important tips:

  1. To carry photocopies of the important documents.


  1. To be conservative about money.
  • To learn few of the local phrases.
  1. To Carry extra underwears


Finally, have a very happy, secure and safe trip.

The City Of Joy

Situated in the eastern part of India, Kolkata is not only the city of joy, but it is the city of the free soul. It’s unique heritage and rich culture of all flavours makes it a convergence of lucid grandeur.

To name a few of the reasons of pride of it’sinheritors :

  1. ALIPORE ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN- This is the oldest zoo in this entire country giving shelter to a large number of animal species.
  2. THE BOTANICAL GARDEN-The botanical garden of Kolkata is situated atShibpur in the Howrah district. This place is home to the enormous banyan tree which spreads over a large area.
  3. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF INDIA- Located in Alipore, this is the largest library in our country on account of it’s rich collections of books.
  4. ROYAL GOLF CLUB OF INDIA- The Royal Golf Club of India, located in Kolkata, West Bengal is the first ever Golf club outside Great Britain.



The tourist attractions are divine in this place. The historical monuments like :

  1. The Victoria Memorial :This beauty in white amidst the beautiful nature is worth a watch. The museum located inside the memorial has preservations of rich heritage. The place is picturesque in all senses.
  2. The Fort William :This is a fort built on the Eastern banks of the major distributary of the river Ganges, during the early years of British India. The fort has the shape of the star fort designed to defence against cannons , prior to the advent of the explosive shells. There are six gates to this fort namely :Chowringee, Plassey, Calcutta, Water gate, St. Georges Gate and the treasury gate.
  3. The Maidan :The Maidan, is located in front of Fort William. This used to be a part of the fort earlier and is currently the largest urban park in Kolkata. With the stallions on toe to humans in sports practice, this place covers another green part of this soulful city.
  4. The Howrah Bridge :This is currently the sixth longest propped cantilever bridge with a suspended span in the entire world. This is located over the Hoogly River in West Bengal. The lightings add to this glory after sunset.The Howrah Bridge was named as the RabindraSetu on 14Th June 1965, after the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore.

A few other tourist spots in Kolkata include the Indian Museum, Eden Gardens, Science City, Nicco Park, Shaheed Minar, Ecopark, RabindraSarobar, Aquatica,Nandan, RabindraSadan, Academy of Fine Arts, Milennium Park, PrincepGhat, Mother’s Wax museum, Jorasako Thakur Bari, Elliot park, Salt lake central park, ShobhabajarRajbari, Nature Park and still a few more to go.

Places of worship in Kolkata includes temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and still I can miss out more.

Describing this city and its pride can go endless.

The Bengali desserts are an added cuisine here. The festivals are the life of this place.

This city is a place of sharing ecstacy.

Guide: Colors For Home

The significance of different colours according to the Feng Shuihave been discussed below. Feng Shui is important for all aspects of our life. Specially while colouring our house, this should be given special attention. It might work wonders if used in the correct way. The inmates are likely to enjoy greater success  by the use of these tips.

YELLOW : yellow is the colour of  the sunlight. It symbolizes the fire element. Sunlight shows the morning time. Hence, this colour indicates a happy and nourishing life. Colouring a room yellow makes it’s purpose brighter and thus results in the inmates being cheerful and uplifting.

RED: Red colour symbolizes the fire element as well. This is the colour of romance; romance of any flavour. Besides, this is also the colour for passion , courage and excellence. The red colour invites the energy of joy and excitement.

GREEN : Green colour symbolizes a wood element. The green colour gives a fresh , vibrant and healthy vibe to the room. This is the colour for regeneration and growth. It balances the whole body and soothes the inmates.

ORANGE : Orange is the colour of the fire elements. This colour generates an optimistic vibe. It motivates to become open and free in conveying the opinions and in turn accelerates the socializing skills. The inmates of this room gains a better communicating skill. The energy promotes lively and open hearted conversations. This probably reminds us of a summertime holiday dream

WHITE :White symbolizes metal element. This is the colour of purity and serenity. It ushers new beginnings and generates a fresh vibe. This is the colour of innocence. As the white colour absorbs every other colour, it teaches patience an returns deep satisfaction.

BLUE : the blue colour belongs to the water elements. This colour symbolizes tranquillity, generates a calm environment and gives peaceful vibrations. This is one of the magnificent colours. Different tones of this blue colour can be used to decorate different walls of the house, specially those of east , south – east and north sections.

GREY: The grey colour, although might seem to be a little dull, is rather highly sophisticated. This colour symbolizes the metal element. This colour generates beautiful positive energy inside the room. This colour lends out its maximum benefit when coloured on the West. North – west and north walls.


PURPLE : The purple colour is a fire element. This colour evolves a royal vide. Besides, this colour is mysterious, noble and innovative. This is high vibration colour ,hence can be used to decorate different elements in the house. Specifically, this colour can be used for interior decoration purposes. This colour is also a healing colour. It dissolves the pain of it’s inmates and spreads peace in the house. A meditation room can be coloured purple.


PINK : The pink colour is a fire element. This colour is pretty loving, soft and tender. There is a soothing gentle characteristic in this colour. Pink is also a colour of love.

California: The Golden State

Nick named as the “Golden State’ , California ranks first in terms of population in the United States of America.


California is located on the western Pacific Coast of the United States. It ranges towards the Sierra Nevada mountains in the east. The centre of this state is dominated by Central Valley, which is a major agricultural centre.


The capital city of the state of California is Sacramento.

Sacramento: Besides being the state capital, Sacramento is also the seat for Sacramento County.

Location of Sacramento : Sacramento is location at the junction of the Sacramento River and the American river, in the northern portion of the expensive Sacramento Valley.


This is California’s most populous city. Besides, Los Angeles is the country’s second largest city after New York City.


California is dominated by it’s warm Mediterranean Climate.

Mediterranean Climate : The Mediterranean climate is often referred to as the dry summer climate. This climate prevails in the areas in the Mediterranean Basin. The winters are usually rainy while the summers are hot , dry and warm.



  • Disneyland
  • Universal studios, Hollywood
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Disney California Adventure
  • Legoland
  • Yosemite National park
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Sea world San Diego
  • Golden gate Bride
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Balboa Park
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood walk of Fame
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Hollywood sign
  • San Diego zoo safari Park
  • Six Flags Magic Mountains
  • RMS Queen Mary
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Montery Bay Aquarium
  • Hearst Castle
  • Sequioa National Park
  • La Brea Tar Pits
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Muir Woods National Monument
  • Redwood National and State Park
  • Monterey Bay
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • 17 – Mile Drive
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Grauman’s Chinese theatre
  • USS Midway Museum
  • Getty Center
  • Downtown Disney
  • Aquarium of the pacific
  • Yosemite Valley
  • Griffith park
  • Golden Gate park
  • Golden Gate
  • Union Square
  • Presido of San Francisco
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Lassen Volcanic National park
  • Half Dome
  • Cascade Range
  • Joshua tree
  • Newport Beach
  • Truckee
  • Berkeley
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Pasadena
  • Point Loobs
  • Big basin redwoods state park
  • Pinnacles National Park
  • Channel islands National park
  • Beverly hills
  • Napa
  • Long Beach
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Gate
  • Big Bear Lake
  • Sausalito
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento
  • Laguna Beach
  • Anaheim
  • Malibu
  • John Muir Trail
  • Point Reyes national Seashore
  • Santa Catalina island
  • Oakland
  • Carmel by the sea
  • Yosemite valley
  • Santa Cruz
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Mammoth lakes
  • Santa Barbara
  • Palm springs
  • South lake Tahoe
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Saint Monica
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco



  • Golden gate bridge
  • Alcatraz island
  • Fisherman’s wharf
  • Union square
  • Chinatown
  • Pier 39
  • San Francisco Cable car system
  • Golden gate Park
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Exploratorium
  • Lombard Street
  • Ghiradelli Square
  • Coit Tower
  • De Young
  • Aquarium of the Bay
  • Japanese tea garden
  • Legion of Honor
  • Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

and many more to go.



  • Universial Studios
  • Griffith Park
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Disneyland
  • The Getty Centre
  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Natural History Museum

and many more to go.

California is a wonderful place to plan a trip to and should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Top 9 Destinations To Travel While Being Easy On Your Pocket

While travelling we usually consider various things such as the travel cost, accommodation, food etc. Travel should not be such that breaks our bank balance. From stylish cities to majestic islands, here is our list of top budget destinations :

  1. Vietnam: Vietnam is famous for its budget cities such as Hanoi and Hoi Chin Min city. Inspite of being very popular amongst the backpackers and tourists, vietnam is still unspoiled and within reach. Being a former french- indochina colony Hoi Chin Min city has numerous french architectural buildings. From historical reunification palace to amazing scenery to awesome sea food . One can travel here under US 20$ a day.
  2. Greece : Mouth watering food, striking scenery , clean and blue water, synonyms for Greece vacation. The hotel prices and air cost have become low especially after the financial crisis, it has become a boon for budget travel. Athens in Greece gives a chance to connect with the ancient spirits , being one of the oldest cities on earth it has the look of the old and the new era.

  3. Sri Lanka: This island nation just at the foot of india is a paradise waiting to be explored. The land of the great Lanka is known for its lush green forests, white sand beaches and clean waters . Cheap and affordable resorts on coast of beautiful blue Indian Ocean are easily available. One can bathe elephants and experience buddhist culture and enrich the soul with positive energy.

  4. Nepal: Nepal is a classic destination for travelling on budget . The birthplace of Buddha and the home of the great Mount Everest! Travellers are mesmerised with striking beauty and the greatness of the Himalayas.Perfect place to go for adventure at really low costs. Landlocked between india and China (Tibet) the former kingdom of Nepal as it was known, is a must visit for all the adventure freaks out there!

  5. Cambodia: Travel through the ancient  remains of Angkor Wat and get awestruck by its architecture and stature. Travelling and accommodation in this beautiful yet historic country is very easy on the pocket. You can relax at peaceful beaches and have delicious seafood here! Experience your very own ‘Laracraft ‘ at very cheap prices.
  6. Bosnia and Hercegovina : Bosnia and Hercegovina is a blend of ottoman and Austro-Hungarian cultures and histories. Blessed with striking landscape and snow clad mountains, it provides a perfect getaway with less pressure on your bank account. This part is a mixture of east and west and we can see some of both the world here like the castle ruins of medieval era. Waterfalls and mountainous landscape provides for a perfect skiing session!

  7. Cuba : This Caribbean island has experienced a boom in tourist industry recently after its  accord with US. Since then tourists are flocking to Cuba to dance to the tunes of salsa, smoke the world famous cuban cigar and take a dip into its most scenic beaches. Varadero beach on Hicacos peninsula is considered as one of the best in the world due to its crystal clear water and tourist friendly huts. Travelling in Cuba is safe and easy on budget.

  8. Guatemala: What makes Guatemala unique is its culture and traditions . The great Mayan tradition is still alive here along with the colonial legacies. Its hard not to fall in love with this country after seeing the natural beauty its blessed with and the majestic world famous Mayan temples that are still standing tall. One can hop on one of its ‘chicken buses’ and explore the capital Guatemala city and the city of Antigua!

  9. Timor-leste: Timor leste or east timor as it is popularly known as , is a perfect budget destination for those who like to get away from the chaos of the world and find untapped gems. This part of the world has many beaches and forests that  are still unexplored.One of the newest nations. This has Portuguese and Indonesian influence. Tourists have the opportunity of exploring forest caves and scuba diving into waters which are not explored before.

Book your tickets now!!