Best Colors For Every Corner Of Your Dream House


Colors are an integral part of life as they infuse richness, brightness and meaning to it. The world around is just full of natural hues which makes us appreciate the beauty around us. Colors have a psychological impact on the minds of human being. Although one has no control over the nature colors but they can definitely alter the colors of the house they reside in. Therefore it is of prime importance that people choose the right color for the right room.

Preference of colors majorly depends on personal choice but it should be understood that colors play a major role in conditioning of moods. Home is where one likes to relax and therefore would prefer to create soothing ambience. Although there are no hard and fast rules for choosing colors for destined room but there are certain guidelines which when followed can ensure a perfect living experience.

To make the apt choice in terms of colors one should note the following points:

  • use of the room,
  • the overall lighting in the room,
  • the size of the room and
  • Personal color preferences.

Colors can be distinguished into two categories: earthy tones and intense colors. Depending on the usage of the room, colors should be decided. The rooms which suit best for earthy tones are:

Dining area

Earthy shades like hues of red and orange are regarded to be stimulating. They are also considered responsible for increasing a person’s appetite hence make the perfect choice for dining rooms. They convey a feeling of warmth hence said to have soothing effect on family relationships. Their versatile nature also makes them a favorite among many. Dining areas blue is considered a no-no color as it is believed that the color tends to suppress the appetite.


The kitchen is a very vital aspect of any household as it the supplier of energy for the family. It is important to have a well built kitchen to ensure safety and comfort to the cook which in return ensures good dishes for the family. Since the kitchen is exposed to various stains therefore light shades shouldn’t be preferred. The earthly tones are perfect even for kitchen as it is also majorly about food. Popular kitchen colors are brown, peach and yellow. Even strong and dark colors like brick red, dark hunter green and blue can be used along with neutral shades.


Finally the bedroom which is the room of relaxation and retiring should have colors that reflect peace and tranquility. Therefore the best colors for bedrooms are suppose to be blues, greens and light earth tones. Intense colors such as red, bright yellow should be avoided. Lighter shades of burgundy, peach, coral or pink are also known to create romantic look.

Rooms which can take intense colors are:

Living Area

The living space is a vital corner as the whole family comes together to share their tales of the day. Some people like to give it a cozy feel and therefore should opt for dark colors. On the other hand if they want to have the feel of a larger room then lighter shades are quintessential. The most dominating factors while choosing the colors for the living room are the overall size and lighting of the room.

Colors like beige, cream or shades of yellow add a warm and inviting look. For more formal appearance one can opt for cooler colors such as gray. One should avoid intense colors in the living area as they don’t reflect well upon the interiors of the house.


Colors for the bathroom are considered relatively easier to choose. Colors such as light blue, sea foam green and light earthy shades have known to create a relaxing spa feeling. People can also opt for darker shades provided they use it in a dramatic way. Usage of only dark colors can result in smaller looking bathroom.

Apart from the design and structure, colors also play a vital role in house building. They bring out the life of the solid cement structure therefore they need careful pondering.




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