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Travel Tips

Travelling tricks and tips are an integral part of enjoying a trip. After all, the most important aspect is to return healthy and happy to one’s own place.

  1. PROPER PLANNING: This is a vital part of a trip. There should a good knowledge of the geographical locations of the places of visit; a brief idea of the paths to travel from one location to the other. One can also consult a travelling agency or take help from a tour guide.
  2. LISTING: There should be a list made of the different architectural heritages of the respective place. A list of different religious places are an addition to the former. It is very important to make a list and keep ticking as the glance by so that a tourist does not miss out on a greater trip. I would once again prefer to have tour guides as they are the ones who keep the culture of a place alive. The historical stories they narrative are educative.
  3. FOOD: This is the other most important aspect while planning a trip. It is very important to stay healthy yet not miss out on the cultural food cuisines of the place. The taste buds are the energy accelerators. Good food are catalysts for worn out bodies. So whenever a tour is being planned it becomes a compulsion to take care of this part. Knowledge about different food cultures of a place are another subject of education while in a trip.
  4. PLACE OF REST: We must not forget to book hotel rooms. They are the places that give shelter after a day full of excitements and fun. A zealous mind needs a good amount of rest to gain an amazing start the next morning.
  5. SHOPPING: (Or at least window shopping if not affordable) This is another educative aspect of a trip. We can always be open learning a new type of dressing up; a new approach to life; the all new kind of costumes for different purposes. This can be all so exciting.
  6. CAMERA : Do not forget to pack the camera along with a few extra battery and chargers.


A few more of the travel tips are to know:

  1. The climatic conditions of the place that has been planned for a trip.
  2. A briefing about the culture of the place.


Ultimately ,there comes a preface to this fresh story of life. Guess what? The packing!

Until and unless one knows what to wear and what not to, how can a trip be planned?

A few things that should not be forgotten at any cost are:

  1. To carry first aid.
  2. To carry the necessary medicines for primary medical help.

Basically the medical and sanitary products should not be missed.


Finally a few important tips:

  1. To carry photocopies of the important documents.


  1. To be conservative about money.
  • To learn few of the local phrases.
  1. To Carry extra underwears


Finally, have a very happy, secure and safe trip.

The City Of Joy

Situated in the eastern part of India, Kolkata is not only the city of joy, but it is the city of the free soul. It’s unique heritage and rich culture of all flavours makes it a convergence of lucid grandeur.

To name a few of the reasons of pride of it’sinheritors :

  1. ALIPORE ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN- This is the oldest zoo in this entire country giving shelter to a large number of animal species.
  2. THE BOTANICAL GARDEN-The botanical garden of Kolkata is situated atShibpur in the Howrah district. This place is home to the enormous banyan tree which spreads over a large area.
  3. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF INDIA- Located in Alipore, this is the largest library in our country on account of it’s rich collections of books.
  4. ROYAL GOLF CLUB OF INDIA- The Royal Golf Club of India, located in Kolkata, West Bengal is the first ever Golf club outside Great Britain.



The tourist attractions are divine in this place. The historical monuments like :

  1. The Victoria Memorial :This beauty in white amidst the beautiful nature is worth a watch. The museum located inside the memorial has preservations of rich heritage. The place is picturesque in all senses.
  2. The Fort William :This is a fort built on the Eastern banks of the major distributary of the river Ganges, during the early years of British India. The fort has the shape of the star fort designed to defence against cannons , prior to the advent of the explosive shells. There are six gates to this fort namely :Chowringee, Plassey, Calcutta, Water gate, St. Georges Gate and the treasury gate.
  3. The Maidan :The Maidan, is located in front of Fort William. This used to be a part of the fort earlier and is currently the largest urban park in Kolkata. With the stallions on toe to humans in sports practice, this place covers another green part of this soulful city.
  4. The Howrah Bridge :This is currently the sixth longest propped cantilever bridge with a suspended span in the entire world. This is located over the Hoogly River in West Bengal. The lightings add to this glory after sunset.The Howrah Bridge was named as the RabindraSetu on 14Th June 1965, after the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore.

A few other tourist spots in Kolkata include the Indian Museum, Eden Gardens, Science City, Nicco Park, Shaheed Minar, Ecopark, RabindraSarobar, Aquatica,Nandan, RabindraSadan, Academy of Fine Arts, Milennium Park, PrincepGhat, Mother’s Wax museum, Jorasako Thakur Bari, Elliot park, Salt lake central park, ShobhabajarRajbari, Nature Park and still a few more to go.

Places of worship in Kolkata includes temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and still I can miss out more.

Describing this city and its pride can go endless.

The Bengali desserts are an added cuisine here. The festivals are the life of this place.

This city is a place of sharing ecstacy.

California: The Golden State

Nick named as the “Golden State’ , California ranks first in terms of population in the United States of America.


California is located on the western Pacific Coast of the United States. It ranges towards the Sierra Nevada mountains in the east. The centre of this state is dominated by Central Valley, which is a major agricultural centre.


The capital city of the state of California is Sacramento.

Sacramento: Besides being the state capital, Sacramento is also the seat for Sacramento County.

Location of Sacramento : Sacramento is location at the junction of the Sacramento River and the American river, in the northern portion of the expensive Sacramento Valley.


This is California’s most populous city. Besides, Los Angeles is the country’s second largest city after New York City.


California is dominated by it’s warm Mediterranean Climate.

Mediterranean Climate : The Mediterranean climate is often referred to as the dry summer climate. This climate prevails in the areas in the Mediterranean Basin. The winters are usually rainy while the summers are hot , dry and warm.



  • Disneyland
  • Universal studios, Hollywood
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Disney California Adventure
  • Legoland
  • Yosemite National park
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Sea world San Diego
  • Golden gate Bride
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Balboa Park
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood walk of Fame
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Hollywood sign
  • San Diego zoo safari Park
  • Six Flags Magic Mountains
  • RMS Queen Mary
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Montery Bay Aquarium
  • Hearst Castle
  • Sequioa National Park
  • La Brea Tar Pits
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Muir Woods National Monument
  • Redwood National and State Park
  • Monterey Bay
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • 17 – Mile Drive
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Grauman’s Chinese theatre
  • USS Midway Museum
  • Getty Center
  • Downtown Disney
  • Aquarium of the pacific
  • Yosemite Valley
  • Griffith park
  • Golden Gate park
  • Golden Gate
  • Union Square
  • Presido of San Francisco
  • Death Valley National Park
  • Lassen Volcanic National park
  • Half Dome
  • Cascade Range
  • Joshua tree
  • Newport Beach
  • Truckee
  • Berkeley
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Pasadena
  • Point Loobs
  • Big basin redwoods state park
  • Pinnacles National Park
  • Channel islands National park
  • Beverly hills
  • Napa
  • Long Beach
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Gate
  • Big Bear Lake
  • Sausalito
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento
  • Laguna Beach
  • Anaheim
  • Malibu
  • John Muir Trail
  • Point Reyes national Seashore
  • Santa Catalina island
  • Oakland
  • Carmel by the sea
  • Yosemite valley
  • Santa Cruz
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Mammoth lakes
  • Santa Barbara
  • Palm springs
  • South lake Tahoe
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Saint Monica
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco



  • Golden gate bridge
  • Alcatraz island
  • Fisherman’s wharf
  • Union square
  • Chinatown
  • Pier 39
  • San Francisco Cable car system
  • Golden gate Park
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Exploratorium
  • Lombard Street
  • Ghiradelli Square
  • Coit Tower
  • De Young
  • Aquarium of the Bay
  • Japanese tea garden
  • Legion of Honor
  • Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

and many more to go.



  • Universial Studios
  • Griffith Park
  • Griffith Observatory
  • Disneyland
  • The Getty Centre
  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Natural History Museum

and many more to go.

California is a wonderful place to plan a trip to and should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Top 9 Destinations To Travel While Being Easy On Your Pocket

While travelling we usually consider various things such as the travel cost, accommodation, food etc. Travel should not be such that breaks our bank balance. From stylish cities to majestic islands, here is our list of top budget destinations :

  1. Vietnam: Vietnam is famous for its budget cities such as Hanoi and Hoi Chin Min city. Inspite of being very popular amongst the backpackers and tourists, vietnam is still unspoiled and within reach. Being a former french- indochina colony Hoi Chin Min city has numerous french architectural buildings. From historical reunification palace to amazing scenery to awesome sea food . One can travel here under US 20$ a day.
  2. Greece : Mouth watering food, striking scenery , clean and blue water, synonyms for Greece vacation. The hotel prices and air cost have become low especially after the financial crisis, it has become a boon for budget travel. Athens in Greece gives a chance to connect with the ancient spirits , being one of the oldest cities on earth it has the look of the old and the new era.

  3. Sri Lanka: This island nation just at the foot of india is a paradise waiting to be explored. The land of the great Lanka is known for its lush green forests, white sand beaches and clean waters . Cheap and affordable resorts on coast of beautiful blue Indian Ocean are easily available. One can bathe elephants and experience buddhist culture and enrich the soul with positive energy.

  4. Nepal: Nepal is a classic destination for travelling on budget . The birthplace of Buddha and the home of the great Mount Everest! Travellers are mesmerised with striking beauty and the greatness of the Himalayas.Perfect place to go for adventure at really low costs. Landlocked between india and China (Tibet) the former kingdom of Nepal as it was known, is a must visit for all the adventure freaks out there!

  5. Cambodia: Travel through the ancient  remains of Angkor Wat and get awestruck by its architecture and stature. Travelling and accommodation in this beautiful yet historic country is very easy on the pocket. You can relax at peaceful beaches and have delicious seafood here! Experience your very own ‘Laracraft ‘ at very cheap prices.
  6. Bosnia and Hercegovina : Bosnia and Hercegovina is a blend of ottoman and Austro-Hungarian cultures and histories. Blessed with striking landscape and snow clad mountains, it provides a perfect getaway with less pressure on your bank account. This part is a mixture of east and west and we can see some of both the world here like the castle ruins of medieval era. Waterfalls and mountainous landscape provides for a perfect skiing session!

  7. Cuba : This Caribbean island has experienced a boom in tourist industry recently after its  accord with US. Since then tourists are flocking to Cuba to dance to the tunes of salsa, smoke the world famous cuban cigar and take a dip into its most scenic beaches. Varadero beach on Hicacos peninsula is considered as one of the best in the world due to its crystal clear water and tourist friendly huts. Travelling in Cuba is safe and easy on budget.

  8. Guatemala: What makes Guatemala unique is its culture and traditions . The great Mayan tradition is still alive here along with the colonial legacies. Its hard not to fall in love with this country after seeing the natural beauty its blessed with and the majestic world famous Mayan temples that are still standing tall. One can hop on one of its ‘chicken buses’ and explore the capital Guatemala city and the city of Antigua!

  9. Timor-leste: Timor leste or east timor as it is popularly known as , is a perfect budget destination for those who like to get away from the chaos of the world and find untapped gems. This part of the world has many beaches and forests that  are still unexplored.One of the newest nations. This has Portuguese and Indonesian influence. Tourists have the opportunity of exploring forest caves and scuba diving into waters which are not explored before.

Book your tickets now!!

Top 6 Food Lover’s Destinations around the World

Love Food? Why not let the vacation let your pamper your taste buds!! Food helps you get off every sorrow. Travelling is the best way to learn. Great people always advice the young generation to travel to explore and learn the unknown. Here I have narrowed down to 6 countries where gobsmackingly good food is served.

1) Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the only city in the whole wide world to have over 220 Michelin starred restaurants.  From a local shop down the road to a pricey restaurant in a beautiful location, quality and great food can be assured everywhere. Japan’s capital city is on top of every foodie’s bucket list. For great sushi, you can head over to Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi. If you’re not able to make it to these places, dont worry just head over to any food joint in Tsukiji Fish Market because all of them are capable of serving good sushi. Tokyo not only specializes in Sushi but also offers other great dishes like Tempura, Ramen, Sashimi, Soba noodles, Sake, Chankonabe, Sukiyaki, Monjayaki, Tsukadani, Udon, Okonomiyaki, Miso soup, Unagi and for people with a sweet tooth they have ningyoyaki which is a cake shaped like a doll filled with red bean paste, dorayaki is a pastry composed of layers of pancakes, anmitsu which comprises of agar, red bean paste and small mochi balls.

2) Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi has a rich culture with Chinese, French and south east Asian influences. Such diversity can also be tasted in their food. Want to savour Vietnamese food? Go to the streets and eat like a local. The main streets, side streets, alleyways of this northern city are flooded with food vendors offering variety of soups, buns, noodles, sandwiches and rolls. There are lots of dishes that one shouldn’t miss during their stay here: Cha Ca,   Banh Cuon, Bun Cha, Banh Bao, Banh Mi, Mien Xao Luo, Bia Hoo, Xoi Xeo, Bun Thang, Bun Bo Nam Bo, Bun Rieu and Pho. Sweet lovers should head over to Thu Nga and order Kem Xoi which is a delicacy made of sweet sticky rice topped with vanilla ice cream and coconut or Sinh To which is a smoothie made with sweetened condensed milk and comes in many flavours like mango, litchi, strawberry etc.

3) Singapore

This tiny Asian country is every foodie’s wonderland. Their dishes are inspired by Indian, Chinese, Malay and Eurasian cultures. Their heavy and wholesome meals tell us a lot about their veracious appetite. With many hawker centres set up, this nation keeps the hawker tradition alive. They specialize in noodles, rice and seafood. Foods specialities are Frog Porridge, Bah Kut Teh, oh Luak, Sambal Stingray, Chai Tao Kway, Mud Crab, Char Kway Teow, Chicken Rice, Curry Laksa, Durian, Red Snapper Head Curry. After all this spicy and hot food, you need to treat your taste buds to Tau Hua formed using bean curd tofu and sweet syrup infused with pandan leaves and topped with gingko seeds.

4) Croatia

Whatever Croatia lacks in size, it makes up for it with its culinary powers. Croatian food is largely inspired by Mediterranean and European style.

Some great foods include Skradin Risotto, Brodet, Istarski fuzi, Pašticada, Gregada, Punjene Paprike, Cobanac, Kotlovina, Soparnik, Crni Rizot, Bakalar, Štrukli, Manestra, Klipići, Fish Paprikas, Sarma, Zagorska Juha, Hobotnica ispod peke. I won’t describe them to curb your excitement!! Hope there is some place left for dessert as Paprenjaci, Arancini, Rozata, Krostule and Fritule are too good to be missed!

5) Gustavia, St Barts

Gustavia the main town and capital of St Barts is known for its amazing culinary scene. Anyone who has gone to Gustavia has the pounds to prove it. Ruled by the French till 1648 their cuisine revolves around French cuisine, West Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Creole Cuisine and Asian cuisine. Gustavia is known for its elite restaurants that serve only high quality dishes. Some of the notable restaurants of this region are La Mandala, Eddy’s, Le Repaire, Zanzibarth, Maya’s and many more. Maya’s is known for its baguettes, charcuterie, decadent brie and French wine. Don’t forget to try the pumpkin bisque soup at La Plage or Fresh lobster, salmon, puréed asparagus and crab, crème puffs, fruit tarts, quiche at Le Gaiac. Youll weep if you forget to have Ti punch at Le Select or a tomato tart and coq au vi at Santa Fe Restaurant.

6) Bangkok, Thailand

Every corner of Bangkok reeks of incredible Thai food. Want to explore the exciting flavours of Thai street food? Go to Chinatown which is the birthplace of street food. Your food check list has to have Tod Mun Pla Krai, Pork Skewers, Quail Eggs, Hoy Tod, Pla Pao, Gai Tod, Kuay Teow Lui Suan, Gai Yang, Sai Oua.

And the best is served at the last: Khanom Jeeb which is a crispy crepe but like no other, its topped with meringue and dried coconut, Kanom Krok which is a sweet rice cake with a molten center, Khao Niao Mamuang that is mango sticky rice a signature thai dessert, Tub Tim Krob eaten after a spicy meal is a refreshing dessert, Khao Niaow Tu-rean tops the list of all durian lovers and then comes the master of all, Thai coconut ice cream.

Top 5 Places To Spend Christmas This Year

“I sometimes think we expect too much of Christmas Day. We try to crowd into it the long arrears of kindliness and humanity of the whole year. As for me, I like to take my Christmas a little at a time, all through the year. And thus drift along into the holidays – let them overtake me unexpectedly – waking up some fine morning and suddenly saying to myself: ‘Why is this Christmas Day!” – David Grayson (click for more Christmas messages)

Much like destination weddings you can take a holiday to these beautiful Christmas locations. It’s rightly said that the world is an ocean and your home land is like a pearl in a oyster shell. Without exploring you will just be a shell.

Not only a vacation this Christmas tour will be an adventure ride. These destinations have some of the most unusual things happening. So pack your bags, grab your stockings and head out with your family for a memorable Christmas experience:

1) Rio de Janerio

The gigantic Bredesco Seguros Christmas Tree with the background of a sky lit up with fireworks, a site to see. You cannot miss the dazzling golden one of the world’s tallest Christmas tree all in golden lighting. The fountains and the fireworks are coordinated as if dancing with the happiness of Christmas. The beautiful themed tree in the centre surrounded by water is all a dreamy celebration come alive.

The huge sand art work of Jesus, Santa and other models is a very unique form of Christmas celebrations. It will make the most memorable Christmas ever.

2) London

For the ones who want to celebrate in the snowfall and under mistletoes! The London celebrations of Christmas are the most perfect blend of traditions and the latest trends. The Winter Wonderland, The Leicester Square and the markets are decorated like out of a fairytale book.

The ice skating is a unique experience during Christmas time. The shops are all decorated with stars the piñatas, the stockings, bells, the red golden lights all around. It’s a treat for the eyes. The city shines like a star studded sky. Also many restraints serve special savouries like the custard puddings, the ginger cakes and other delicacies. It is also a shoppers stop which gets better during the Christmas Days.

3) Las Vegas

The Bellagio Fountains with the dancing fountains are in their glory during Christmas season. The Holiday Cactus Garden is decorated with lights taken from the rainbow, the cactus could never be more colourful than they are at this time of the year.

The Fermont Street is for the explorers and the Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitian is a adventure time. The decoration of the Motor Speedway is a romantic long drive’s destination.

Just make sure you get your advanced booking done as the city is very crowded during Christmas.

4) Berlin

The Charlottenburg Palace is in its highest degree of grandeur. The show lights, the historic narratives etc. all make you travel time. The tress are decorated with lights and the celebration is in the air.

The walk along the Unter den Linden with the golden light wrapped lime trees will make a romantic date.

Berlin is most famous for it’s Christmas markets. From gifts to sweets, decoration items to precious jewellery the market has the best showcase for all of these.

5) Mexico

This is the city where the nativing is done best. The traditional posadas are the best entertaining and socialising activity. It’s away from the hustle and bustle. You actually get to understand the meaning of each of the Christmas celebration events. The little Bethlehem replicas, kids running from house to another and the warmth of the people there, it’s a heart warming experience.

Also this place is for those of you who don’t like winters. The climate is warm and comfortable.

If you are planning to go with your entire family, this is the right choice.

So plan a surprise holiday and celebrate the festival of joy. Wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Do share your experiences in the comments below, waiting to hear you all!!

Puerto Morelos – A Port Town Beckoning Real Estate Investors

A real estate investment is a tough nut to crack. If you’re looking for a second home in Mexico, it becomes even more complex. Mexico has too many options when it comes to tourist destinations.

Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta are some of the better known destinations which are the current favorites of investors.

But for some these are expensive and too crowded for their liking. Here is where there is a need to look further in to destinations such as Puerto Morelos. Condos in Puerto Morelos are the new rage in this port town in Mexico.


Now, let’s delve a little bit in to the history of this town. Situated in Quintana Roo this used to be a fishing village as well as a port between Yucatán and the Island of Cozumel. It is famous for resorts and as a diving destination. Tourists who want to avoid the crowds usually bypass Playa del Carmen in favor of Puerto Morelos which significantly less touristy and smaller. When I saw Puerto Morelos, the first impression was that of a serene and a laid back atmosphere. Yes, there are hotels and restaurants and the usual trappings associated with a beach destination but Puerto Morelos is understated in its elegance. For this reason I chose my first Puerto Morelos condo a year back.


Puerto Morelos has shallow water and white sandy beaches. Puerto Morelos has the reef just off the shore which is a part of the second largest reef system in the world known as the Great Mesoamerican Reef which stretches over 1100 km from the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula down to the Honduran Bay Islands. This reef is home to corals, sea turtles, a variety of fishes and sharks. The underwater life is truly astonishing as there are more than 500 species of fish and 65 species of coral. IN order to preserve the reefs, the area has been designated as a protected National Marine Park. Snorkeling and diving in the reef are some of the popular activities. Puerto Morelos also has many cenotes where swimming and diving can be enjoyed.

Real Estate Scene

For the reasons stated above real estate activity in Puerto Morelos is picking up. People are discovering that Puerto Morelos offers a tranquil and less commercial ambiance. Its neighboring destination such as Playa del Carmen used to be one such place a decade back but has since grown a lot which has dulled its charm in a huge way. With property prices shooting up in Playa del Carmen, investors have been forced to seek other suitable destinations such as Puerto Morelos. With ease of connectivity, abundance of amenities, a favorable location and proximity to major destinations in Riviera Maya buying real estate in Puerto Morelos makes business sense more than ever. Plenty of high end as well affordable condos and homes are available in Puerto Morelos. But not for very long!

The port town is calling you to explore its natural richness and make it your home away from your home. Are you game?

Exploring Riviera Mayan Ruins – El Meco Archaeological Site

Riviera Maya boasts of an impressive lineup of archaeological sites of great historical importance. While Coba, Chichen Itza and Tulum are the most famous ones, there are other sites also which may be smaller but still pack a punch when it comes to relevance and importance to the student of history and culture. El Meco is a Mayan ruin site about 5 kilometers from the tourist city of Cancun.

El Meco sits just north of Cancun and is easy to access. Since there are no organized tours for this relatively unknown and less popular site, you have to Rent a car or hire a taxi to reach El Meco.

Historically speaking, the city of El Meco dates back to the 3rd or 4th century AD. It started off as a small fishing village. El Meco was later abandoned. It was again inhabited around 1100 AD. It then blossomed in to a large coastal town and center of commerce owing to its proximity to Isla Mujeres. It retained its glory till the Spanish conquistadors arrival in the 16th century.

The actual site is locked between the sea and the lagoon. It has 14 structures with 13 of them surrounding the main 12.5 meter Mayan pyramid. Also known as ‘El Castillo’, it can be hiked till the summit from where one can have great views of the sea and lagoon. The other smaller structures are believed to have been used for religious ceremonies, administrative functions and commercial operations.

El Meco significance lay in the fact that it was in a close proximity to Isla Mujeres hence it became departure point for the Mayas sailing to Isla Mujeres. It also became an important navigational reference point for boats.

El Meco is certainly a nice break for tourists in Cancun who may not feel adventurous enough to visit Chichen Itza or Tulum. A lot can be learnt about the life and culture about Mayans when you visit sites like these. The sheer vision, hard work and skills required to construct these magnificent structure showcase Mayan civilization’s glory and development.

Riviera Maya is treasure trove for the lovers of archaeology as there are many sites around. Playa del Carmen is the perfect base for all the explorations to the neighboring towns such as Akumal, Tulum or Pureto Morelos.

I will be posting more about the other ruins in Mexico in my upcoming articles so stay tuned!

Live Life King Style In The White City Of India!

In India, Rajasthan is the land of the royals. Among the various places in Rajasthan, Udaipur is the prized gem which will tell you a lot about the royalty of the place. Thousands of travelers all over the world come to visit the “white city” of Rajasthan. In Udaipur you will find a place where you will be treated like a king, pampering you to an extent that you would fall in love with that place.

A Luxurious Stay At The Royal Retreat Resort And Spa

You want a place where you can relax and live like a king for some days? Then come to The Royal Retreat Resort and Spa in Udaipur. Every traveler loves this place and they come here more than once due to the beauty of the surrounding area. There are about 100 well appointed rooms with two Presidential Suites. You just need to step into this beautiful hotel and the rest is needless to say. You will get a private Jacuzzi and large balconies, the rooms which will ensure that you stay is satisfactory and matches up to the lifestyle of a king.


Perfect Leisure Time

Every medium of relaxation can be found over here so you won’t be disappointed at all. Are you willing to plunge into the swimming pool just to laze or to get rid of the heat? Then this hostel is just perfect for you. Not only one, but three adult swimming pools are there for you to relax while sipping yummy mocktails with your family or friends. You can also massage your body and do beauty treatments at Royal Spa. There is a plenty of massages and beauty treatments available; choose your favourite one!


Royal Meals

Not only will your stay be royal, but also your meals. After a swim or a nice massage, go for a meal at the in-house restaurant Darbar that serves traditional Indian Cuisine.

If you are not interested in swimming or do not want to sit in the beautiful gardens, other options for your enjoyment are also there. You can do horse riding in the lawn or take a vintage car city tour? Isn’t it exciting? I am sure that you will love every bit of this tour.

Mesmerising Decoration

The decoration of the Royal Retreat is very much royal. It is decorated with rare artifacts from the owner’s personal collection. You are sure to remain awestruck when you see the decoration. The furniture has also been carefully chosen for each room and public place. The guests also have the opportunity to buy any furniture of his or her choice at a special price. So, if you like a furniture and you want to place it in your own house, you can always buy one.

Perfect For Any Social Gathering

The banquet hall at the Royal Retreat is suitable for any kind of corporate event or a wedding ceremony. Up to 800 guests can fit inside the large hall and a dedicated event management division will cater to all your needs. Every social gathering can be held with ease with their help and dedication.

After reading this article I hope you are willing to give it a try at least once. We all are busy with workloads all throughout the year. Why not stay like a king for a few days in Udaipur and freshen up your mind?

Top 10 reasons to fall love with Playa del Carmen

There’s something for everyone in Playa Del Carmen, be it the beach lovers, the party people, the nature lovers, the foodies or even the shopaholics.

This gorgeous and lively beach destination offers premium residences and homes, world-class beaches, shopping, night life, hotels, eat-outs, adventure sports, relaxation and a whole lot more!

With so much to do in Playa del Carmen, it’s hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit, but below you’ll find our top 10.

“Playa” as the locals call it, is located in the middle of the Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. Playa del Carmen is only 45 minutes away from Cancun. Its central location makes it a tourist hot-spot as all the sights and adventure sites along the Caribbean coastline are easily accessible from this town.

There’s accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes in Playa del Carmen.

In the recent years, numerous high quality small hotels and condominiums have come forth in Playa del Carmen that offer high style and luxury, on and off the beach. You can rent or buy vacation homes in Playa del Carmen online easily using website like these. They also have a great selection and explanatory photos of all the hotels, condos and villas.


Playa del Carmen has a sub-tropical climate, which means it’s almost always warm. Or hot. The annual average temperature is about 27C or 80F. Irrespective of what time of year you get here, you will have great beach days and the ocean is always warm enough to swim in.

Playa del Carmen Beach

Playa del Carmen Beach

Playa del Carmen is famous for its gorgeous beaches. The deep blue glistening waters and stretches of stunning white sand make for the most breathtaking sight. It’s hard not to fall in love with the scenic beaches here.

It is also known for its stylish beach clubs that offer food and beverage services, a variety of spa treatments and aquatic sports, plus access to restrooms, showers and pools.


Activities in Playa include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, para-sailing and deep water fishing. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the 18-hole course at Playacar along Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.


The European and American-influenced nightlife in Playa is much talked about. This town has quite an excellent mix of clubs and music venues, as well as several beachside bars. Most of the action centers around El Zócalo and La Quinta, but better deals can be found along the beachside or farther out of town.

Playa del Carmen has plethora of attractions which can easily fill up your holidays. Here is a list of some of the perennial favorities.
LA QUINTA AVENIDA – Better known as the FIFTH AVENUE is the hot-spot for nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes shops and souvenir-shops that are on 24/7.

XCARET – The largest and most impressive theme park in the Riviera Maya where you can snorkel in an underground river, learn about marine life in a living aquarium, walk through a butterfly pavilion, see jaguars and pumas, swim with dolphins or manatees, and learn about sea turtles.

XEL-HA A natural aquarium park which has an impressive variety of brightly colored tropical fish. It is a wonderland of cenotes, mangroves and lagoons.

TULUM- Holds the honor of being the most picturesque archaeological site in the Riviera Maya and the only one to have been built overlooking the ocean. A visit here offers spectacular views of the Riviera Maya beaches, Caribbean Sea and surrounding coastal region

CENOTE AZUL– Near Playa del Carmen that is open to visitors and offers a quiet cool retreat from the blazing sun and the crowds.

Fifth Avenue - Playa del Carmen

Fifth Avenue – Playa del Carmen

 When it comes to shopping you will be spoilt for choice in Playa. Fifth Avenue is full of unique shops offering the latest styles in clothing and beachwear, shoes, hats, sunglasses, unusual handicrafts, artwork, jewelry, leather products and souvenir shops. Hottest-selling souvenirs: Mexican tequila and Cuban cigars!


Mexican, Yucatecan, Italian, Argentinian and a host of other international restaurants line Quinta Avenida. With a spectacular spread of cuisines, Playa has it all for the foodies.

Playa has a very bohemian atmosphere with an ‘elite’ feel to it.People here are extremely hospitable. Because tourism is the main industry most locals are fluent both in Spanish and English.

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful holiday destination for those seeking a slice of paradise!