What is England?

England is a beautiful country. The United Kingdom takes pride in owning this place.

Geographically, how do we locate England?

The United Kingdom or as popularly known as the Great Britain, is a sovereign country in the western part of Europe. By a sovereign state, we refer to a place which is entirely ruled by one government and that is centralised. It can be related to the King’s rule.

Which water bodies are lovingly embracing this place?

England is embraced by the Irish Sea towards its north-western side and the Celtic Sea graces the south-western part of this place.

Peeping into the history.

England witnessed the existence of modern human during the Upper Palaeolithic period. The Upper Palaeolithic period is the last sub-divisional period of the Old Stone Age. This period roughly states the appearance of behavioural modernity of human beings even before there had been the advent of agriculture.

Climatic conditions in England.

The inhabitants of England experience the temperate maritime type of climate.

Temperate maritime climate: The Koppen classification of the climatic types, explains this to be of the oceanic type. The regions dominated by this kind of climate usually have a moderately warm summer and their winters are cool.

Capital city:

London is the capital city of England.

Places to visit in England

Here is a list of all the places that can be visited on a trip to England. Check out the 49 reasons to visit England.

  1. Tower of London.
  2. Stonehedge.
  3. Windsor Castle.
  4. Roman Baths.
  5. Yorkshire Dales
  6. Warwick Castles
  7. Eden Project
  8. North York Moors
  9. Windermere
  10. Hyde Park
  11. York Minster
  12. Natural History Museum, London.
  13. Buckingham Palace
  14. Tate Modern, London
  15. Leeds Castle
  16. Palace of Westminster
  17. National Gallery, London.
  18. Alton Towers
  19. Big Ben
  20. Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
  21. Durdle Door
  22. Dover Castle
  23. Legoland Windsor Resort
  24. Thorpe Park
  25. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  26. Exmoor
  27. National Portrait gallery, London
  28. Blenheim Palace
  29. New Forest
  30. Westminster Abbey
  31. Peak District
  32. London Eye
  33. British Museum
  34. The Tower Bridge.
  35. Hampton Court Palace
  36. Trafalgar Square.
  37. Piccadily Circus
  38. Harrods
  39. Madame Tussauds, London
  40. London Zoo
  41. Victoria and Albert Museum
  42. Dartmoor
  43. London Dungeon
  44. Camden Town
  45. Regent’s Park
  46. Kensington Palace
  47. Sea life London
  48. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
  49. Chatsworth House

Seasons and choice of best month

The months of England are divided into four parts based on the seasons. The months from March to May experiences the spring season. The summer months are from the months of June and ends in August. The Months of September to November fall under the autumn season while the winter months are from December to February.

I personally love the spring time. So, my personal suggestion would be to plan a trip during the months of March, April and May. Although the summer and the autumn months wouldn’t be that bad.


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