Guide: Colors For Home


The significance of different colours according to the Feng Shuihave been discussed below. Feng Shui is important for all aspects of our life. Specially while colouring our house, this should be given special attention. It might work wonders if used in the correct way. The inmates are likely to enjoy greater success  by the use of these tips.

YELLOW : yellow is the colour of  the sunlight. It symbolizes the fire element. Sunlight shows the morning time. Hence, this colour indicates a happy and nourishing life. Colouring a room yellow makes it’s purpose brighter and thus results in the inmates being cheerful and uplifting.

RED: Red colour symbolizes the fire element as well. This is the colour of romance; romance of any flavour. Besides, this is also the colour for passion , courage and excellence. The red colour invites the energy of joy and excitement.

GREEN : Green colour symbolizes a wood element. The green colour gives a fresh , vibrant and healthy vibe to the room. This is the colour for regeneration and growth. It balances the whole body and soothes the inmates.

ORANGE : Orange is the colour of the fire elements. This colour generates an optimistic vibe. It motivates to become open and free in conveying the opinions and in turn accelerates the socializing skills. The inmates of this room gains a better communicating skill. The energy promotes lively and open hearted conversations. This probably reminds us of a summertime holiday dream

WHITE :White symbolizes metal element. This is the colour of purity and serenity. It ushers new beginnings and generates a fresh vibe. This is the colour of innocence. As the white colour absorbs every other colour, it teaches patience an returns deep satisfaction.

BLUE : the blue colour belongs to the water elements. This colour symbolizes tranquillity, generates a calm environment and gives peaceful vibrations. This is one of the magnificent colours. Different tones of this blue colour can be used to decorate different walls of the house, specially those of east , south – east and north sections.

GREY: The grey colour, although might seem to be a little dull, is rather highly sophisticated. This colour symbolizes the metal element. This colour generates beautiful positive energy inside the room. This colour lends out its maximum benefit when coloured on the West. North – west and north walls.


PURPLE : The purple colour is a fire element. This colour evolves a royal vide. Besides, this colour is mysterious, noble and innovative. This is high vibration colour ,hence can be used to decorate different elements in the house. Specifically, this colour can be used for interior decoration purposes. This colour is also a healing colour. It dissolves the pain of it’s inmates and spreads peace in the house. A meditation room can be coloured purple.


PINK : The pink colour is a fire element. This colour is pretty loving, soft and tender. There is a soothing gentle characteristic in this colour. Pink is also a colour of love.

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