Reasons why you should visit Japan soon


Japan is one of the most beautiful countries. It is well decorated, safe and civilised. The food is absolutely amazing. Here are 10 reasons which can drive you crazy and you might get your tickets done soon.

  1. Architecture: Japan has an exquisite heritage of architecture. The beautiful ancient Buddhist temples have not only made a mark in the history of fantastic and eye-catching architecture, but they also radiate peace and harmony to the enormous amount of pilgrims visiting the place every day. Kyoto has preserved about 2000 or more number of Buddhist temples and shrines in its city. Nara holds 8 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in its land and some of the best constructions in the entire country.
  2. Tidy: A place so clean, like Japan, can be beyond imagination unless you have visited this place. The entire place resembles hard work and respect for every citizen and even tourists. The roads are spic and span. There isn’t any litter or discarded waste on the roads. Every individual takes care of this fact. This is a lesson worth learning.
  3. The beauty of nature: The natural landscapes of Japan are picturesque. Mount Fuji and the Arashiyama bamboo Forest are some ideal destinations for nature lovers. The magnificent mountains surrounded by vast stretches of greenery add to the beauty of this country. Despite this place being an earthquake prone area, something that could make anyone feel proud of Japan, is the enormous zeal of the people of this place. They are continuously taking care of their natural environment, besides getting technologically advanced in almost every possible field.
  4. Punctuality: The public transport of Japan is highly punctual. This is another example of how responsible man can be. The timings of trains, even the local trains are worth an applaud.
  5. Sakura Bloom: The spring time at Sakura Bloom in Japan, attracts millions of tourists, only because of its spectacular view. The snowy white trees blossom during this beautiful season. There is a popular category in Japan, known as the Hanami parties. They dine and rest among this beauty for a short period of a few weeks with their friends or family members. They enjoy this other side of the beautiful nature to the fullest.
  6. Food: Starting from noodles shop to three star restaurants to the flaunting five star luxury hotels. Just name it and Japan already has it. The Japanese cuisine however, bears its own serenity of taste. Their kind of divine arrangement is definitely unique. Some of sumptuous Japanese foods are Sushi ( even Shinchan loved eating this), Sashimi, Ramen, Udon, Kobe beef, soup, Donburi,etc.
  7. The people: First of all, I must say that the Japanese people are super cute. Besides, they are polite and humble, yet graceful. They have an ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at home while in a conversation with them.
  8. Safety: Global surveys have declared Japan to be the safest country in Asia. This itself explains why girls find it safe to have a walk outside at the middle of the night.

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