Top 9 Destinations To Travel While Being Easy On Your Pocket


While travelling we usually consider various things such as the travel cost, accommodation, food etc. Travel should not be such that breaks our bank balance. From stylish cities to majestic islands, here is our list of top budget destinations :

  1. Vietnam: Vietnam is famous for its budget cities such as Hanoi and Hoi Chin Min city. Inspite of being very popular amongst the backpackers and tourists, vietnam is still unspoiled and within reach. Being a former french- indochina colony Hoi Chin Min city has numerous french architectural buildings. From historical reunification palace to amazing scenery to awesome sea food . One can travel here under US 20$ a day.
  2. Greece : Mouth watering food, striking scenery , clean and blue water, synonyms for Greece vacation. The hotel prices and air cost have become low especially after the financial crisis, it has become a boon for budget travel. Athens in Greece gives a chance to connect with the ancient spirits , being one of the oldest cities on earth it has the look of the old and the new era.

  3. Sri Lanka: This island nation just at the foot of india is a paradise waiting to be explored. The land of the great Lanka is known for its lush green forests, white sand beaches and clean waters . Cheap and affordable resorts on coast of beautiful blue Indian Ocean are easily available. One can bathe elephants and experience buddhist culture and enrich the soul with positive energy.

  4. Nepal: Nepal is a classic destination for travelling on budget . The birthplace of Buddha and the home of the great Mount Everest! Travellers are mesmerised with striking beauty and the greatness of the Himalayas.Perfect place to go for adventure at really low costs. Landlocked between india and China (Tibet) the former kingdom of Nepal as it was known, is a must visit for all the adventure freaks out there!

  5. Cambodia: Travel through the ancient  remains of Angkor Wat and get awestruck by its architecture and stature. Travelling and accommodation in this beautiful yet historic country is very easy on the pocket. You can relax at peaceful beaches and have delicious seafood here! Experience your very own ‘Laracraft ‘ at very cheap prices.
  6. Bosnia and Hercegovina : Bosnia and Hercegovina is a blend of ottoman and Austro-Hungarian cultures and histories. Blessed with striking landscape and snow clad mountains, it provides a perfect getaway with less pressure on your bank account. This part is a mixture of east and west and we can see some of both the world here like the castle ruins of medieval era. Waterfalls and mountainous landscape provides for a perfect skiing session!

  7. Cuba : This Caribbean island has experienced a boom in tourist industry recently after its  accord with US. Since then tourists are flocking to Cuba to dance to the tunes of salsa, smoke the world famous cuban cigar and take a dip into its most scenic beaches. Varadero beach on Hicacos peninsula is considered as one of the best in the world due to its crystal clear water and tourist friendly huts. Travelling in Cuba is safe and easy on budget.

  8. Guatemala: What makes Guatemala unique is its culture and traditions . The great Mayan tradition is still alive here along with the colonial legacies. Its hard not to fall in love with this country after seeing the natural beauty its blessed with and the majestic world famous Mayan temples that are still standing tall. One can hop on one of its ‘chicken buses’ and explore the capital Guatemala city and the city of Antigua!

  9. Timor-leste: Timor leste or east timor as it is popularly known as , is a perfect budget destination for those who like to get away from the chaos of the world and find untapped gems. This part of the world has many beaches and forests that  are still unexplored.One of the newest nations. This has Portuguese and Indonesian influence. Tourists have the opportunity of exploring forest caves and scuba diving into waters which are not explored before.

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