Travel Tips


Travelling tricks and tips are an integral part of enjoying a trip. After all, the most important aspect is to return healthy and happy to one’s own place.

  1. PROPER PLANNING: This is a vital part of a trip. There should a good knowledge of the geographical locations of the places of visit; a brief idea of the paths to travel from one location to the other. One can also consult a travelling agency or take help from a tour guide.
  2. LISTING: There should be a list made of the different architectural heritages of the respective place. A list of different religious places are an addition to the former. It is very important to make a list and keep ticking as the glance by so that a tourist does not miss out on a greater trip. I would once again prefer to have tour guides as they are the ones who keep the culture of a place alive. The historical stories they narrative are educative.
  3. FOOD: This is the other most important aspect while planning a trip. It is very important to stay healthy yet not miss out on the cultural food cuisines of the place. The taste buds are the energy accelerators. Good food are catalysts for worn out bodies. So whenever a tour is being planned it becomes a compulsion to take care of this part. Knowledge about different food cultures of a place are another subject of education while in a trip.
  4. PLACE OF REST: We must not forget to book hotel rooms. They are the places that give shelter after a day full of excitements and fun. A zealous mind needs a good amount of rest to gain an amazing start the next morning.
  5. SHOPPING: (Or at least window shopping if not affordable) This is another educative aspect of a trip. We can always be open learning a new type of dressing up; a new approach to life; the all new kind of costumes for different purposes. This can be all so exciting.
  6. CAMERA : Do not forget to pack the camera along with a few extra battery and chargers.


A few more of the travel tips are to know:

  1. The climatic conditions of the place that has been planned for a trip.
  2. A briefing about the culture of the place.


Ultimately ,there comes a preface to this fresh story of life. Guess what? The packing!

Until and unless one knows what to wear and what not to, how can a trip be planned?

A few things that should not be forgotten at any cost are:

  1. To carry first aid.
  2. To carry the necessary medicines for primary medical help.

Basically the medical and sanitary products should not be missed.


Finally a few important tips:

  1. To carry photocopies of the important documents.


  1. To be conservative about money.
  • To learn few of the local phrases.
  1. To Carry extra underwears


Finally, have a very happy, secure and safe trip.

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